Friday, March 25, 2016


Public Health minister Andre MAMA Fouda has just gone contrary to his declarations made over a week back when Monique Koumateke died in a controversial way.

On the Thursday political program over CRTV ,ESPACE POLITQUE or POLITICAL FORUM, says it was confirmed that the woman died before reaching hospital but explain that the Doctors at Lquintinie were supposed to make another reading by taking the woman into the maternity.
That the fact that the door was closed did not speak well of a public hospital like Laquintinie.
That there is security lapses on the part of Laquintinie,there was no security guard nor police to stop the act.

That there was total negligence on the part of Laquintinie hospital.
That his previous statements were not well communicated,CRTV broadcast the entire recording but private media did not.

MAMA FOUDA says Social media is very powerful and urged CPDM Central Committee Communication department should make good use of social media.

MAMA FOUDA ended by saying there will be severe sanctions on those found guilty after investigations.

These statements are contrary to what the health boss declared on Sunday March 13,2016.In which he quikly said the lady had died four hours back and that she was carried in the back boot.

Source: Facebook

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