Monday, March 28, 2016

The Mother of the "Murdered" Quadruplets speaks out

Nshi Speaks Out

The Country Is Threatening My Life Because Am Saying The Truth
I was given four dead children not five,if i ask them to show the five,can they show me, my sister was asked to look for Incubators in about four hospitals,Foundation Chantal Biya,Ayala,Achidi Achu and nouvel route hospitals.
Central hopspital had no incubators to save my children.
My dead children were wrapped in plastic bags and forced in my hands to leave the hospital.
They told my sister if she does not take the babies,they will give me to eat.

These are declarations from NSHI Honorine,the woman whose quadruplets died five minutes after delivery.
Contrary to what the Director of the central hospital said,that the there were enough incubators and that the children were not breathing but shaking.
Angie Forbin is reporting elsewhere that nurses on duty that day have been suspended.

Source: Prince Nfor Hanson (FB)

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