Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cameroon: Teachers of GTHS Bamenda locked out of the school Campus by the Principal

GTHS Bamenda was constructed by the SOFATI Company with Canadian ain in 1991

Teachers of the famous Government Technical High School (GTHS) Bamenda commonly known as Canada have for about a month have decried the administration of the newly appointed principal who is 2 months old in the school.
 They say the principal  humiliates them while trying to exercise his administrative duties.
Talking with a senior staff of the school, he said "the principal started by calling a General assembly of Teachers and Students where he surprisingly called out some teachers and asked the students to shout "shame" to them for coming late to class. The general staff of the school got angry and was thinking of a protest. He called another General assembly of teachers and students where he again said if the teachers protest, he will ask the students to beat them up".

The actions of the principal did not end there, later the principal became one of the gate men. At 7:35am (5 mins after the start of classes), the principal locks everyone outside and take the keys to his office.
The teachers are saying the school which has been registering best results in technical schools might see a drop in performance if the attitude has to continue.
Administrators also kept out of school

Observers have said it is not a good move, they say something else could have been done to those coming late to classed for example their incentives could be deducted or an administrative sanction taken following a well structured administrative procedure. Keeping the teachers out of school wont help the situation but worsen it.

The staff of thew school has termed the principal "A dictator"

Pictures curtsy of Esibe Clifford - GTHS Bamenda


  1. hmmmmm what has that school school become? I remember when i was refused and external candidature in the Bacc examination by a discipline master because of no just reasons but selfish interest. I think the Government should know the kind of Principle they post in that school. It's really horrible. No matter what he does please don't touch my "pa Chop"

  2. Why is this principal trying to destroy this beautiful school... Does he know that school was built...let the north westinian protest against against him so he can be send away.. Let him not destroy our school cus that school made me what I am today.

  3. that means bad news for those of us who are hoping to go there for teaching practice coming February. its really a pity what our country is going through and north west in particular, lawyers being replaced by the francophone magistrate, you cant even make a case now in the court in Bamenda in English and if you have it in English you pay them to translate it for you!!!!!
    coming 2018 Cameroon will witness a change like America Today