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African Union: Morocco applies to rejoin the African Union

A dispute over the status of Western Sahara has led to the division between Morocco and the African Union

The African Union (AU) says Morocco has officially submitted a request to rejoin the organisation.
Morocco left the AU's predecessor, the Organisation of African Unity, more than three decades ago in a row over Western Sahara.
The continental body recognised the area as an independent country, while Morocco considers Western Sahara as part of its territory.
A BBC correspondent says it appears Morocco now recognises that its absence has reduced its influence in Africa, and hopes that by joining the AU it will have a greater chance of persuading others to support its position on Western Sahara.

Nigeria: Young unmarried woman becomes leader of northern Nigerian council

Hindatu Umar assumed the position after the tenure of the local chairman expired
A 25-year-old woman has taken over as the head of a local authority in the mainly Muslim north of Nigeria.
Hindatu Umar is the first woman and the youngest person to hold the position in Argungu city, in the north-western state of Kebbi. She is also the city's first unmarried local leader.
Abdullahi Kaura of the BBC in Nigeria says her appointment is unprecedented.
Some residents have complained, telling the BBC that Ms Umar "lacks experience and boldness".
She had been the deputy chairperson and was promoted when the tenure of the local chairman expired.
Our correspondent says that women in northern Nigeria usually remain in the background and rarely hold political office.
Argungu city is one of the biggest and oldest councils in northern Nigeria and is famous for its annual fishing festival.

Africa: Micro-Grids Open Door to Rural Electrification

Solar Installation in North West Cameroon

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) announced that the 3rd edition of the International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition (IOREC), will take place in Nairobi, Kenya on 30 September and 1 October 2016. IOREC is the premier global platform for sharing experience and best practices for stand-alone and mini-grid renewable energy systems.
In view of that, in the coming years the most significant opportunities for micro-grids will be for rural electrification across sub-Saharan Africa according to a regional sales director for APR Energy, Mark Makanda. He said, in a region where approximately 600 million people lack access to electricity, micro-grids are beginning to provide energy to areas long perceived as too difficult or uneconomic to connect to a national grid.

"There have been a substantial number of micro-grid applications in sub-Saharan Africa so far," Makanda added, citing examples of Malawi and in Namibia micro-grids have the potential to become the building blocks of a larger distributed grid where power supply is significantly less than the demand. "Bringing electricity to these rural areas now means that they have access to proper medical care, lighting for schools, modern irrigation methods and sanitation, " he said.
The installation of micro-grids in remote sub-Saharan communities is also providing an essential tool for local economic development by introducing electricity to new commercial activities and revenue generation. Southern Africa has already produced a number of successful micro-grid installations, such as the infamous Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, as well as the island of Ascension in the middle of the Atlantic, both run on micro-grid systems. "We are also seeing many applications in the industrial sector.
Two examples are the Zwartkop and Thabazimbi Chrome mines in South Africa, which are powered by gas-diesel hybrid micro-grids. This solution combines solar technology with high-speed reciprocating engines to offer the sustainable benefits of renewables and the reliability of conventional back-up power," he said. The backbone of these micro-grids consists of mobile power modules that are the size of a trailer and can easily be transported to remote areas via air, road or sea.
Once on-site, they can be up and running within 30 to 90 days. These modular plants also are easily scalable to accommodate local power needs, and can be quickly ramped up or down according to demand. These plants also offer economic advantages, since they require minimal capital investment, with the main cost considerations being the land and fuel.

Africa: Obama - Africa Wants Trade, Not Aid

While there may be conflicts, poverty and disease in Africa, President Barack Obama says the broader trajectory of the continent is unmistakable: “Africa is on the move."
At the U.S.-Africa Business Forum in New York, Obama said Africa is "home to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world and a middle class projected to grow to more than a billion customers - an Africa of telecom companies and clean-tech startups and Silicon savannahs, all powered by the youngest population anywhere on the planet.”
One of those young Africans, Frances Udukwu from Nigeria, told VOA what she hopes to highlight during her one-year reign as Miss Africa USA.
“So besides exposing the beauty, the talent and the capabilities of the African women in the diaspora, I see my duty as Miss Africa USA as an opportunity to impact where I am from, which is my homeland in Africa. But also to pay respects to where I reside which is the United States.”
She added “My personal favorite is being able to touch the lives of many young girls and women across not only Africa, but in the States as well,” Udukwu said.

Udukwu attended Temple University in Philadelphia and studied public health.
Only 26 years old, she recently founded a non-profit, The Lead Girl Foundation, to help girls and young women make a life for themselves through entrepreneurship and vocational training. She lives in Washington, D.C., plans to go to law school, and travels to Nigeria often.
Seeking trade partnerships
Obama told the business forum that everywhere he travels in Africa, “from Senegal to South Africa, Africans insist they do not just want aid, they want trade. They want partners, not patrons.”
And that is what Wednesday’s forum, hosted by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker was all about - helping investors and entrepreneurs from both continents connect, as Obama explained: “This is a U.S.-Africa business forum. This is not charity. All of you should be wanting to make money, and create great products and great services, and be profitable, and do right by your investors. But the good news is, in Africa right now, if you are doing well, you can also be doing a lot of good.”
Obama said during his eight years as president, he has sought to transform the relationship between the U.S. and Africa to one of equal partners. He said this is his last U.S.-Africa Business Forum as president, but he will likely be back as a private citizen.
Apart from increased private investment, the U.S. government has also expanded its presence and economic engagement in Africa
Since 2008, the Commerce Department has doubled its presence on the continent, opening new offices in Angola, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Mozambique, expanding its presence in Ghana, and re-establishing a presence at the African Development Bank.

Football: Women AFCON Anthem 2016 - Poor casting or Poor Directing?

From observations, everyone seems to be talking about the Female AFCON 2016 Official Anthem. The question may be asked if there is a seperate Anthem kept aside for the Female AFCON 2016.  Anyway, for now it was said that there's an anthem that apparently is also the song and we stick to that.
To be honest, I (Or at least 'we', which we have heard) there are so many problems with this piece was called masterpiece. That may be the case, since CHARLOTTE DIPANDA and Richard Kings have shown how they can showcase extraordinary voices. The work is entitled "Tribute to the footballers," that's fine ... But those it fit the context?
"According to the coordinator of the jury for the selection of the logo, mascot and anthem of AFCON 2016, Eloundou Joseph Atangana, an Administrator in the ministry of Arts and Culture, the choice of the hymn was given the rigorous selection criteria and focused on originality, compliance with the specifications of the CAF, aesthetics (modernisation, inspiring, unifying), orchestration (melody, score, harmony, rhythm), the message, the bilingualism, creative strength, the arts and cultural power ... "Source:

Why this cast?

To tell you the truth, it is noknown. But let's assume that it is a matter of lobbying and conservation. We support it by the following facts:

Artistic coach Romeo Dicka

Music is provided by Aubin Sandjio (The same people)

Singers -  Charlotte Dipanda and Richard Kings

The wordings -  Bidoung mkpatt (Minister for Sport and Physical Education)

The choirs: the choir of the "Opéra Garnier" (French ofcourse)

It is surprising that with all the singers, orchestra, instrumentalists(pianist, guitarists, saxophonists, etc)  and composers we have in Cameroon, it is a French choir which produces our song.

 All these cast for what results?

Yes, musically, it is a good song but frankly is that a song of the AFCON? Where is the local culture that is said to be represented? It is rather a duplication of a collaborative piece between imaginary George Benson and Whitney Houston. Charlotte Dipanda who often sings in "dialect" comes here to showcase her French skills. R Kings also sings in English to the level of twisting the voice. We have nothing against them, but really, it's not a song for an event such as  the AFCON. There should be failure in artistic direction. The language is higher and difficult to comprehend. There is failure on the part of those who validated the song.

The Cameroonian drummer Guy Nwogang, the saxaphonists Manu Dibango, Black M, Christophe Willem, Inna Modja came together to compose the anthem of the next Olympic Games of La Francophonie. Listen Here

We are just from the games in Rio,  the official song was a mixture of pop and Samba.

That of the euro in 2016 "This One's for You" was composed by David Guetta that fits with their culture.

Honestly even Shakira had to adapt to the African context in 2010 with "Zangalewa".

Abuse, or ignorance. Who are we kidding? 

There are great new faces in Cameroon music today who honestly stand out clear. This is somehow an insult to our nation because it suggests that we do not only have identity, but less original skills. The product expected for this great occasion was a song such as "Salatiel - Salatiel – ça se passe ici." It fits well with the occasion.
By accepting such a song, It is killing our culture and being ungrateful towards our talents. We have nothing against the artists but this piece is not fit for the occasion.

Coming back to the video itself, it is also a shame to see such a video from NS Pictures and DRIP 046 in this era with great video directors in Cameroon. The video seem to have been shot with cameras of the 80's. We have great directors like Na Mysta Adrenaline, Dr Nkeng Stephen, etc. Who are solicited by great talents and Award bodies around the world. We need to use the human resource and talents we have. This work that is alleged to have costed 48 Million Francs could be done cheaper and in the best quality by our upcoming artists. 

Let the games play!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cameroon: Govt Organizes Group Weddings for Refugees

Cameroon is organizing group weddings for refugees who fled the Boko Haram conflict in Nigeria and intercommunal violence in the Central African Republic. Hundreds of curious onlookers, friends and family members applaud and dance as one by one, the 60 couples sign their marriage certificates.
Twenty-six-year-old Laminar Junior says he fell in love with his wife, Catherine Lagndia, two years ago when together, they fled the intercommunal violence that had consumed the Central African Republic. She is now pregnant with their first child.

They have settled at the eastern Cameroonian town of Garoua Boulaye. He said that by making their marriage official, he is publicly showing how much he loves his wife and how he intends to remain faithful.
Cameroon is home to 300,000 refugees from the C.A.R. Many say they are still reluctant to return home. A new president was elected in February but insecurity remains.
Some of those getting married were widowed by the violence. For others, this is their first time.
Thirty-six-year-old refugee and father of four Moustapha Saliou said he couldn’t afford a wedding in the C.A.R. But Cameroon provides peace and security, he says, and that has enabled him to start a business that could take care of his wife and himself and so he decided to get married.
The U.N. refugee agency and the Cameroonian government are handling the logistics for the group weddings and covering the cost.
Doing the bridal dance. (Reuters/Andreea Campeanu)

Rode Baba Conde, UNHCR official in Manjo, says being legally married offers protections to women.
He said the U.N. is respecting its commitment to protect people displaced by conflicts and assure their safety. He says they will continue to organize mass marriages for all interested refugee couples wherever they are in Cameroon.
In Cameroon, a marriage certificate means a woman can inherit her husband's property or report him if he abandons her and their children. Cameroon's penal code also criminalizes adultery by women and men and punishes parents who refuse to take care of their children.
The men would not allow VOA to interview any of the women getting married, citing local custom.
So far, over 200 refugee couples have been married.
The next group wedding is planned for refugees in the north who fled Boko Haram violence in Nigeria.

Cameroon: Bafut Council Treasurer Flees With 15.5 Million FCFA

Taka Babila Cletus abandoned his job since March 2016, leaving the Council with a huge deficit.
Abongwa Che Fru was appointed Municipal Treasurer of Bafut Council in Mezam Division of the North West Region by Order No. 00000086/A/MINATD/MINFI of April 28, 2016. He replaced Taka Babila Cletus who allegedly fled since March 2016, leaving the Council with a deficit of 15.5 million FCFA for the period January 8, 2015 to March 4, 2016.
The missing amount was revealed during the mid-term evaluation of the Council. Mayor Langsi Abel revealed that the absence of a Municipal Treasurer caused great losses in revenue collection. The situation also hampered the collection of market fees, park access fee, council stamp duties and proceeds from quarry products. The consequence was the poor rate of the execution of projects.
It emerged from the session that out of the 572,576,803 FCFA budgeted, barely 170,324,547 FCFA was collected, giving 29.7 per cent. Local revenue collection was 29,645,380 FCFA. Expenditure execution from January 1-June 30, 2016, was 131,911,752 FCFA, with recurrent expenditure amounting to 78,234,203 FCFA, giving 59.3 per cent. Investment expenditure stood at 53,677,547 FCFA or 40.70 per cent of total expenditure. Bafut Council overstretched to execute projects, amongst which was the acquisition of a standby generator, construction of culverts, grading of the Agyati-Ntahkukife, Mbehbali Mankaha road, etc.
The council also started work on phase three of the municipal stadium, offered holiday jobs to 270 students, equipped the Mforya Integrated Health Centre and rehabilitated the Akofunguba Health Centre. Meanwhile, Phase Three of PNDP projects in the North West Region provides about 77 million FCFA for updating the development plan of Bafut municipality, carrying out feasibility studies and executing micro-projects.


Gabon: Opposition Warned Against Violence Ahead of Court Ruling

Gabon Constitutional Court sitting
Government officials in Gabon warned opposition leader Jean Ping on Wednesday that he risked arrest if unrest resumes when the Constitutional Court rules on his challenge to last month's presidential election outcome.
The central African government said six people died in riots that erupted this month when results from the Aug. 27 vote handed victory to incumbent President Ali Bongo by less than 6,000 votes, extending his family's half-century grip on power.

Ping, a former African Union commission chief, said as many as 100 people were killed in the violence and he filed a request for a recount, alleging fraud in one of Bongo's strongholds.
"Mr. Ping said clearly that if the constitutional court did not declare him winner that there will be disorder. If he crosses the line, he will be arrested," government spokesman Alain-Claude Bilie By Nze told a news conference.
The Constitutional Court has until Friday to decide on Ping's complaint but authorities are already stepping up security in the capital Libreville, epicentre of the violence.
Soldiers and police were visible on city streets on Wednesday, taking up positions at major crossroads.
"Today we hear of more calls for disorder by certain compatriots. We know who they are. We know where they are. We are not going to let them agitate," Interior Minister Pacome Moubelet Boubeya said at the same news conference.
The petition alleges irregularities in Haut-Ogooue province, where Bongo won 95 percent on a turnout of 99.9 percent. A European Union observer mission also noted anomalies in the province's results.
Ping's spokesman, Jean Gaspard, told reporters on Wednesday that results in his campaign's possession indeed showed that Bongo had won the province, but by a smaller margin of 89.17 percent with turnout of 81.67 percent.
Gaspard said that on a national level, those figures made Ping the poll's winner with 51.17 percent of the vote, ahead of 46.71 percent for Bongo. "In principal, these are the results that must be proclaimed by the Constitutional Court."
Bongo's allies submitted evidence to the court rejecting Ping's allegations and countering that the opposition leader had himself orchestrated vote fraud.
Ping is a lifelong insider to Gabonese politics. He was a close ally of Omar Bongo and has two children with the late president's daughter, Pascaline.
During more than four decades in power, Omar Bongo cultivated close relations with a string of French presidents.
However, Ali Bongo's ties with Gabon's former colonial master have been more strained.


South Africa: Trevor Noah to Host #MTVMAMA2016

The MAMA 2016 shall have as host,South African Comedian Trevor Noah.
South African comedy legend and host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Trevor Noahis heading home to host the sixth edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards Johannesburg 2016 (MAMA), Africa’s most prestigious music awards ceremony.

Commented Trevor Noah,  "I'm a huge fan of African music and achievement, and it's going to be a massive pleasure celebrating them both at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2016 in my own home town of Johannesburg."

Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN Africa), “Trevor Noah is an outstanding entertainer, and testament to the amazing talent that Africa has to offer the world.  To have him host the MAMA, our annual celebration of Africa music, creativity and achievement, is a powerful and inspiring message.  We are delighted that our first ever show in Johannesburg will be presented by one of the city’s most loved and admired personalities.”
Noah will preside over the live 2-hour telecast at the Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg on 22 October 2016.  Featuring performances from stand-out African stars like Alikiba, Babes Woduma, Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, Ycee and Yemi Alade, MAMA 2016 will also stream online on

Further performers are to be announced shortly.
Previous hosts of the MAMAhave included Wyclef Jean, Eve, Marlon Wayans, Anthony Anderson and Trevor Nelson.
Highlighting the “gold standard” in contemporary music, creativity and achievement, The MTV Africa Music Awards Johannesburg 2016 promises to be the biggest and best ever, with more than 15,000 fans expected to fill out the Ticketpro Dome for the joyous celebration. 

The MTV Africa Music Awards Johannesburg 2016 will broadcast live on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322) and MTV (DStv Channel 130) on Saturday 22 October at 21:00 CAT. The show will also be transmitted worldwide on partner stations and content platforms from October onwards, while MTV channels around the world will broadcast a one-hour MAMA-themed MTV World Stage.

Africa: MTV Africa Music Awards Nominees (Part 1)


Best Male
AKA (South Africa)
Black Coffee (South Africa)
Diamond (Tanzania)
Patoranking (Nigeria)
Wizkid (Nigeria)

Best Live
Cassper Nyovest (South Africa)
Eddy Kenzo (Uganda)
Flavour (Nigeria)
Mafikizolo (South Africa)
Stonebwoy (Ghana)

Best Group
Mi Casa (South Africa)
Navy Kenzo (Tanzania)
R2bees (Ghana)
Sauti Sol (Kenya)
Toofan (Togo)

Best Collaboration in partnership with Absolut
AKA feat. Burna Boy, Khuli Chana & Yanga – “Baddest” (South Africa/Nigeria)
DJ Maphorisa feat. Wizkid & DJ Bucks – “Soweto Baby” ((South Africa/Nigeria)
Nasty C feat. Davido, Cassper – “Juice Back Remix” (Nigeria/South Africa)
Patoranking feat. Sarkodie – “No Kissing” (Nigeria/Ghana)
Sauti Sol feat. Alikiba – “Unconditionally Bae” (Kenya/Tanzania)

Best Hip Hop in association with MTN
Emtee (South Africa)
Kiff No Beat (Ivory Coast)
Olamide (Nigeria)
Riky Rick (South Africa)
Ycee (Nigeria)

Best Pop/Alternative
Desmond & The Tutus (South Africa)
LCNVL (South Africa)
Shekinah (South Africa) / Kyle Deutsch (South Africa)
Timo ODV (South Africa)
Tresor (DRC)

Best Lusophone
C4 Pedro (Angola)
NGA (Angola)
Lizha James (Mozambique)
Nelson Freitas (Netherlands/Cape Verde)
Preto Show (Angola)

Personality of the Year in association with DStv
Caster Semenya (South Africa)
Linda Ikeji (Nigeria)
Pearl Thusi (South Africa)
Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon)
Wizkid (Nigeria)

Best International
Adele (UK)
Beyoncé (USA)
Drake (Canada)
Future (USA)
Rihanna (Barbados)

Nigerian President: Buhari invites UN to join talks with Boko Haram to free Chibok girls

Nigerian President poses with the UN Secretary General

Nigeria has extended a hand to the United Nations to send intermediaries to join the negotiation table with Boko Haram for the release of missing Chibok girls abducted in 2014.
President Muhammadu Buhari at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly at New York on Thursday told outgoing Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that UN outfits are welcome as intermediaries in the deal.
“The split in the insurgent group is not helping matters. Government had reached out, ready to negotiate, but it became difficult to identify credible leaders. We will welcome intermediaries such as UN outfits, to step in,” a statement from the presidency quoted Buhari.
"The split in the insurgent group is not helping matters. Government had reached out, ready to negotiate, but it became difficult to identify credible leaders. We will welcome intermediaries such as UN outfits, to step in".
He reiterated his government’s readiness to release Boko Haram leaders in exchange for the missing Chibok girls.
The insurgent group in a recent video in August stated that a prisoner swap was the only way they would accept to release the remaining 219 Chibok girls who are still in their custody.
Pressure has been mounting on the Nigerian government to act swiftly in the search for the school girls who were abducted in 2014 after a raid of their school dormitories by Boko Haram in Chibok while they were sleeping at night.
A series of protests were held in August by the Bring Back Our Girls activists demanding a swift response by the government.


DR Congo: government questions if their country is an 'extension' of France

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) government has expressed shock at accusations made by French president Francois Hollande over the violence in Kinshasa during an opposition demonstration.
The spokesperson of the DRC government, Lambert Mende, said the French president has selectively blamed his government for the two-day violence during his speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, AFP reports.
“As usual we are being threatened … The question is whether the DRC has become the new overseas department from the conquest of France,” Mende said, adding that the French president is “lashing out at the Congolese government with a schoolmaster’s voice”.
He said Hollande chose to acknowledge the fires at opposition parties while ignoring that of the governing party and the victims of the riots. Mende added that Hollande complained that “our law enforcement and security were punishing the criminals”.
Francois Hollande told the UN General Assembly that the violence in the DRC was unacceptable and intolerable.
“What is indisputable is that there were victims and they were provoked by abuses coming from the Congolese State itself,” the French president said.
“The main opposition party had its headquarters burned … no country can accept such behavior, such acts,” he added.
The violence erupted when the main opposition parties in the country embarked on a demonstration calling for an election on the original date in November and also for Kabila to step down at the end of his term on December 20.
Calm has however returned to the country.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Samuel Eto'o: Former Chelsea and Everton striker Suspended by Antalyaspor after Instagram racism row

The 35-year-old striker has been linked with a move to join Turkish rivals Besiktas

Former Barcelona and Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o has been omitted from the Antalyaspor squad after saying on social media that “people do not feel respect for me because I am black”.
The 35-year-old striker, who has won three La Liga titles, one Serie A and three Champions League medals, has been linked with a move to join Turkish rivals Beşiktaş, prompting strong criticism from pundits and Antalyaspor supporters.
Eto’o joined the south Mediterranean club in 2015 as part of their effort to become a force in the Turkish domestic league but they have picked up just one point from a possible 12 at the start of the new campaign.

Alongside a screenshot of his glittering CV, Eto’o wrote on Instagram in Turkish: “Reminder - perhaps some people do not feel respect for me because I am black.
“But I am not going to come down from the level I have reached. I have been in this game for 18 years.”
Later confirming the statement was not aimed at Antalyaspor chairman Ali Safak Ozturk, the Cameroonian forward has since been informed that he will not be eligible for selection until the matter is resolved internally.
“No player is above the interests of Antalyaspor. Everyone must know their place,” the chairman was quoted as saying.
Eto’o has played for Real Madrid, Mallorca, Barcelona, Internazionale, Anzhi Makhachkala, Chelsea, Everton, Sampdoria and now Antalyaspor, scoring 323 goals in 673 appearances in all competitions.

Job offer at Victoria Customs Credit Union

The Victoria Customs Credit Union Limited has launched the recruitment of the following personnel.

1* Accountant
      Qualification 1st Deg
      Work exp 3 yrs as accountant
     Minimum age 30 years

2* Loan officer
     Qualification 1st Deg
    Work exp 3 yrs as loan officer
    Minimum age 30years

3* Cashier
     Qualification A/L
      Work exp 1 yrs as cashier
      Minimum age 25 years
4* Marketing Agent
     Qualification 1st Deg
      Work exp 3 yrs as marketer
      Minimum Age 30yrs

File composition
1- Hand written application to the General Manager Vcccul Bota Limbe
2- Updated CV
3- Photocopies of docs to support  your qualification and work experience
4- Drop your application at the Head office located at GRA Junction Bota Limbe.
5- Closing Date 30/09/2016
Good luck

US election 2016: George HW Bush 'to vote for Clinton'

George W Bush and wife have not yet endorsed Donald Trump as president

US Republican ex-President George HW Bush will vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton in November, US news website Politico reports.

Mr Bush allegedly made the pledge to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, niece to US ex-President John F Kennedy.

The former president's office has not confirmed the report, with a spokesman saying he was checking.

Mr Bush, who held office from 1989 until 1993, has not endorsed Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Analysis - Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington

If George HW Bush is indeed backing Hillary Clinton for president, that puts four of the five living presidents in the former secretary of state's camp.

George W Bush is the lone holdout - at least for now.

The Bush clan clearly isn't crazy about Donald Trump, given the way the New Yorker savaged Jeb in the Republican primaries.

It's worth noting, however, that the only family member with a political future - Texas Land Commissioner George P Bush - has endorsed his party's nominee.

The elder Bush does have a bit of a history with the Clintons. Although he and Bill Clinton were adversaries in the 1992 presidential contest, the two formed a friendship after the Democrat left office, co-operating on various charitable efforts.

It's unclear how much even an explicit Bush endorsement would help Mrs Clinton, given that most of the establishment Republicans who might break from the party have already done so.

This news might make it slightly easier for them to justify pulling the lever for the Democrat in November, however, rather than just sitting the vote out.

Neither has his son, Jeb Bush, who unsuccessfully competed for the Republican nomination, or other rivals in the race, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Ms Kennedy Townsend, a former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, posted a photo on Facebook of a meeting with George HW Bush, alongside the caption: "The President told me he's voting for Hillary!"

Mr Bush's spokesman, however, was cautious.

"Those reporting how @GeorgeHWBush will vote this year, it's not clear anyone was there to verify KKT [Kathleen Kennedy Townsend]. Still checking, keep your powder dry," Jim wrote.

Yaounde: Full Story on the nanny who murdered a child

The father of the child who is a doctor and consultant had applied with one recruitment agency that he needed a nanny. It was there that they sent him this nanny who hails from chomba in the northwest region. The man left her stay in his boys quarter for two weeks and it was barely on the second day when he had authorised her to enter the house that she committed the abominable act.
She took some beer before acting. After his two other children ran away she left the home before being caught by the forces of law. When questioned, she regretted she didn't complete her mission which was to kill all the children.  But she has refused to say anything further.The child was 12 years old and he was stabbed while playing on the computer.

We need to know the agencies we go for the recruitment of delicate servants like nannies.. You never know what they do with your kids.
God have mercy

Nigeria: 'Nigeria is broken and affected by economic downturn' – Buhari tells UN

President Muhammadu Buhari has reiterated that Nigeria as at now is a broken country that is affected by an economic downturn, hence the resolve by his government to diversify the economy.


 Buhari was delivering his address at the ongoing United Nations General Assembly session in New York.


"We continue to combat terrorism based on rules of engagement. With the federal government employing judicial tools to investigate human rights violations".

Africa’s most populous nation is battling three main issues, corruption, security and economy, the pillars president Buhari rode on to win the 2015 elections.
On the part of security, Buhari stated that ‘‘Nigeria had made remarkable progress in our resolve to defeat Boko Haram.’‘ The Nigerians army continues their counter insurgency against the group that had compromised security across most parts of the country’s north.
Beside Boko Haram, the army has also turned its attention to the militancy in the oil rich Niger Delta region, where attacks on oil installations continue to affect the output of oil production.
“We continue to combat terrorism based on rules of engagement. With the federal government employing judicial tools to investigate human rights violations,” Buhari added.
He also touched on the recovery of illicit financial assets stating that recovered funds were being channeled into development of critical infrastructure for the country. ‘‘Our efforts in fighting corruption has yielded positive results,’‘ he added.
Nigeria, Africa’s second largest economy, officially entered a state of economic recession for the first time in over 20 years. This came after current figures revealed that the economy contracted for a second consecutive quarter.
According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contracted by 2.06% in the second quarter. The GDP shrunk by 0.36%.
A recession is a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activities are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.
The cause of the slump is believed largely to be as a result of the slump of oil prices on the world market. That situation has been worsened by renewed insurgency in the Niger Delta region, the attacks on oil installations continue to disrupt production of oil in the region.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nigeria: Secondary schools in north-east Nigerian state 'to reopen' after two years

Secondary schools in the north-east Nigerian state of Borno, which has been at the epicentre of the Boko Haram insurgency, are set to reopen next week, the Premium Times is reporting. They have been closed for two years since a school was attacked in neighbouring Yobe state in March 2014.
The state's education minister Inuwa Kubo said that up to now the schools had been used to house some of the people displaced by the Islamist militants.

More than 200 female students were kidnapped while sitting a school exam in the Borno town of Chibok in April 2014.
Their abduction launched the #BringBackOurGirls campaign.
It is not clear if the Chibok girls' secondary school will reopen.