Friday, September 23, 2016

Football: Women AFCON Anthem 2016 - Poor casting or Poor Directing?

From observations, everyone seems to be talking about the Female AFCON 2016 Official Anthem. The question may be asked if there is a seperate Anthem kept aside for the Female AFCON 2016.  Anyway, for now it was said that there's an anthem that apparently is also the song and we stick to that.
To be honest, I (Or at least 'we', which we have heard) there are so many problems with this piece was called masterpiece. That may be the case, since CHARLOTTE DIPANDA and Richard Kings have shown how they can showcase extraordinary voices. The work is entitled "Tribute to the footballers," that's fine ... But those it fit the context?
"According to the coordinator of the jury for the selection of the logo, mascot and anthem of AFCON 2016, Eloundou Joseph Atangana, an Administrator in the ministry of Arts and Culture, the choice of the hymn was given the rigorous selection criteria and focused on originality, compliance with the specifications of the CAF, aesthetics (modernisation, inspiring, unifying), orchestration (melody, score, harmony, rhythm), the message, the bilingualism, creative strength, the arts and cultural power ... "Source:

Why this cast?

To tell you the truth, it is noknown. But let's assume that it is a matter of lobbying and conservation. We support it by the following facts:

Artistic coach Romeo Dicka

Music is provided by Aubin Sandjio (The same people)

Singers -  Charlotte Dipanda and Richard Kings

The wordings -  Bidoung mkpatt (Minister for Sport and Physical Education)

The choirs: the choir of the "Opéra Garnier" (French ofcourse)

It is surprising that with all the singers, orchestra, instrumentalists(pianist, guitarists, saxophonists, etc)  and composers we have in Cameroon, it is a French choir which produces our song.

 All these cast for what results?

Yes, musically, it is a good song but frankly is that a song of the AFCON? Where is the local culture that is said to be represented? It is rather a duplication of a collaborative piece between imaginary George Benson and Whitney Houston. Charlotte Dipanda who often sings in "dialect" comes here to showcase her French skills. R Kings also sings in English to the level of twisting the voice. We have nothing against them, but really, it's not a song for an event such as  the AFCON. There should be failure in artistic direction. The language is higher and difficult to comprehend. There is failure on the part of those who validated the song.

The Cameroonian drummer Guy Nwogang, the saxaphonists Manu Dibango, Black M, Christophe Willem, Inna Modja came together to compose the anthem of the next Olympic Games of La Francophonie. Listen Here

We are just from the games in Rio,  the official song was a mixture of pop and Samba.

That of the euro in 2016 "This One's for You" was composed by David Guetta that fits with their culture.

Honestly even Shakira had to adapt to the African context in 2010 with "Zangalewa".

Abuse, or ignorance. Who are we kidding? 

There are great new faces in Cameroon music today who honestly stand out clear. This is somehow an insult to our nation because it suggests that we do not only have identity, but less original skills. The product expected for this great occasion was a song such as "Salatiel - Salatiel – ça se passe ici." It fits well with the occasion.
By accepting such a song, It is killing our culture and being ungrateful towards our talents. We have nothing against the artists but this piece is not fit for the occasion.

Coming back to the video itself, it is also a shame to see such a video from NS Pictures and DRIP 046 in this era with great video directors in Cameroon. The video seem to have been shot with cameras of the 80's. We have great directors like Na Mysta Adrenaline, Dr Nkeng Stephen, etc. Who are solicited by great talents and Award bodies around the world. We need to use the human resource and talents we have. This work that is alleged to have costed 48 Million Francs could be done cheaper and in the best quality by our upcoming artists. 

Let the games play!


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