Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gabon: Ping or Bongo? The agony of choice for Gabon leader's sister

In the ongoing post-electoral crisis in Gabon, one particular woman has found herself walking a tight rope, the French magazine Jeune Afrique reports.

Pascaline Bongo was the chief of staff to President Omar Bongo, the father of the current president

And that woman is Pascaline Bongo, the sister of incumbent President Ali Bongo and ex-lover of his main challenger, Jean Ping, with whom she has had a child.
As the uncertainty over the electoral outcome continues, the Paris-based Jeune Afrique newspaper dedicated a piece to what it describes as Pascaline Bongo's difficult choice.
Miss Bongo had struggled with making a decision over whether to support her brother or her ex-lover. Ultimately she chose not to back either one.

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