Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yaounde: Full Story on the nanny who murdered a child

The father of the child who is a doctor and consultant had applied with one recruitment agency that he needed a nanny. It was there that they sent him this nanny who hails from chomba in the northwest region. The man left her stay in his boys quarter for two weeks and it was barely on the second day when he had authorised her to enter the house that she committed the abominable act.
She took some beer before acting. After his two other children ran away she left the home before being caught by the forces of law. When questioned, she regretted she didn't complete her mission which was to kill all the children.  But she has refused to say anything further.The child was 12 years old and he was stabbed while playing on the computer.

We need to know the agencies we go for the recruitment of delicate servants like nannies.. You never know what they do with your kids.
God have mercy

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